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    [Promotion + Event] RPs Spending + My Dear GM event

    Dear Shiltizens!

    We wish you all a Happy Valentines! On this opportunity, we bring you a new RPs spending promotion and a Valentine's event for this weekend!

    For RPs spending:

    2500 RPs -> you will receive Premium Kiosk for 3 days

    5000 Rps -> you will receive a Marco's Mistake and a Pet Master's Rare Increase(Low)

    This will be available during the period from February 14th until February 20th 12:00 PST.

    As part of the event My dear GM:

    On this occasion you will have to write your lovely letters to your favorites GMs, the best 5 letters will be posted anonymously and will win 5 Blessed Sapphires (Tradeable).

    On February 20th we will announce the 5 winners of the event.

    Here you will have to submit your entry: https://forms.gle/2hfEu7A7d3SXtaf3A

    Happy Valentines to all!

    Love Seal! <3
    Seal B.O.D. Team

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    My Dear GM Winners!

    Dear Shiltizens!

    It took us a little more time than expected to read all your lovely letters and amazing lines! You are so lovely and we are glad to know all your feelings! You are the best! ✨
    Here are the selected 5 winners:

    💖"Dear GM,
    It has arrived in the month full of love and i would like to start with appreciation that you guys have gave to us. Thank you for your hardwork for all the event inside or outside the games. Thank you for the effort to reply all those emails that we put you guys through. All those tears, sweat, emotions. I would like to thank you guys deeply from my heart. I love this game and it affect me event in real world. I am ending this shorr letter by saying that I am looking forward for more fun and pleasing moment in the game and i hope you guys can spread more love for all the players in Duran and Arus.

    GM Mica
    Today is must be the day.
    The day from blade of destiny changed into my love destiny upon you.
    For knowing you is my [M]esmerizing memory.
    From decent feeling changed into [I]nspiring.
    For my tiring soul feels blessed by your [C]aring behaviour.
    From nothing into [A]nything.
    I believe today is the day for our valentine's day. So will you be my valentine? [M][I][C][A]
    From your forever lover

    💖"A classic love story.
    We never see each other.
    Never meet face to face.
    Once we meet only me who looks at you from a distance.
    You are funny, kind, and very care,. although I know, your attention is not just for me.
    We never even talked, even though I really wanted to talk with you.
    You are the light behind the black mist of Duran's heart. your charm is like Claire with her beauty, Your behavior is like a cute baldea, you are even kind and humble like Arus.
    I don't know how this feeling will end, but one that I know, this is a classic love story between me and you.

    to Shrimp
    From you secret admirer."

    💖"Remember me?
    I gave you ticket about my deceased pet
    How stupid am i
    But im glad, at least i got time to interact with you, so with my heart i give this stupid little poem to you

    I send this love ticket
    I hope it arrive to you
    I spend my morning and nights
    I Just waiting for your replies ticket
    I not hoping so much in our relationship
    I am just a mediocre berzerker who still yulson set
    Can you just see me for a minute?
    I am a diligent person, still grinding some petty cegel for ranael sword
    I am a man with sheer will, still go into alcanez dungeon to find some alcanez tears
    Can you imagine if some day you want some mc donalds burger with geranium on top?
    I will search it for you, until the lands of end
    So what are you waiting for? Reach my hand so i can give this saphirre so i can brace it to your wedding ring
    If you are a guy
    No homo dude.."

    💖"Dear GM Proggy

    I wanna say thankyou for your support
    Once i accidentally sold my fire spirit, you helped me.
    Once i accidentally dropped my fire spirit in Dungeon and i lost it.. you helped me.
    You have done so many great job.

    You make this game more playable, you try your best to solve the problem before you say you cant.

    I hope you can enjoy and always be with us as a GM to help us , guide us ,and protect us

    I know sometimes i ask too much
    I know sometimes i push too far
    Im so sorry for all troubles i ever made.

    I hope we can make this relationship better , take and give , give and take .. i believe together we can explore more adventures and more fun

    Regards and Thankyou"

    All the rewards have been already sent.

    Love to all! <3
    Seal B.O.D Team

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