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    [Event] ...In the Name of love 2020

    Hello Shiltzians!

    Once again, the most lovable season of all times has arrived at Shiltz this February!
    On this occasion, Ursula and Diana on Adel Monastery, need your help to believe in love again!

    Help Diana with 3 different tasks to make her feel the love again!

    1. Extract 250 Hearts in Love from the Bales to prove Ursula that Love Exists.
    2. Give Ursula 200 Roses obtained from spending time with your couple to prove Ursula the existence of true Love.
    3. Receive an order from Ursula on the mailbox every day to hunt the Devious cupid and extract his Love Essence, give that to her and make her understand the meaning of love.
    You will be able to find Devious Cupid at the South of Adel Monastery.

    Ursula will share with you some of her love feelings for each task completed!

    *Quest 1 and 2 are repeatable as many times as you want.
    *Quest 3 is only available once a day

    Diana, the other sister is near Ursula on Adel Monastery but she is no longer able to feel love... You need to help her by giving her a lot of “Love Feelings” obtained from Ursula.

    In exchange of Love Feelings, you can obtain the following items:

    💖 Couple's Endorphine - (30 min)
    💖 Couple's Speed - (30 min)
    💖 Love Potion - (30 min)
    💖 Double Pleasure - (1 Hr)
    💖 Love Lollipop x 50
    💖 Freaky Angel Guarder
    💖 Cupid‘s Lovely Balloon

    For reference only:

    This event will be available until March 10th before maintenance.

    Love Seal! ^ ^
    Seal B.o.D Team

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    GM please also gives us the status of new items available on GCgolden chest, thanks

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