Greetings Rohanians!

We can smell Love in the air already!
We want to announce the Valentine’s Playtime!

• For 30 hours – Sealed Book of the Beginning (1 Day)
• For 60 hours – Sealed Gold Trophy(15D)
• For 100 hours – Radiant Ancient Enhancement Stone
• For 200 hours - Origin of Transcendence (+4 Confirm Stat)

**If you achieve 200 hours you get all the rewards.

We also have some additional rewards:

TOP 1 ~ 10

• 1x +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +18)

TOP 11 ~ 20

• 1x +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +15)

We will raffle 10x Origin of Transcendence (+5 Confirm Stat)of among the those who got 200+ hours of playing!

• You will receive the rewards if you have at least one level 80 character on the account.
• This event will be available from February 12th at 00:01 PDT until February 24th at 24:00 PDT.
• The rewards will be sent on February 25th.
• The hours do not have to be consecutive, we add up all the hours that you have played during the period.
• The reward will be delivered per account at the Mall Inventory.
• The hours are counted per account (You can play with any character and accumulate hours).
• The hours accumulated are based by server and account.
• We recommend accumulating hours on the main server where you play.

We hope you enjoy this great event. Soon we will have more news.

More power! Love Rohan!

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-