Dear Shiltizens,

To celebrate these valentines, we bring you a new special stream edition to spend with your significant other! 💓

You are all invited to this lovely party! Bring your couples and friends, if you are single, you should come too!

The GM will play as Cupid💞 and this could be your opportunity to find your soulmate!

Wear something fancy, practice your best pick up lines, thinking on a proposal...?
This could be your best chance!

Letís have this romantic date, we will watch your short movies and for this time, the rewards will be ONLY for the 🔴 streaming participants, so please be sure to follow us on Facebook to do not miss this event.

We will have to pick up balls from out Lucky chart to get amazing rewards from it as RPs and the so desired Tipareth Glorious Wings!!

To participate on this event, join us at the
🔴livestream at the Official Seal Online Facebook:
Time: 7:30 AM PST
Date: February 12th

You can come to see us at Unison Market Place, would be lovely to see you there! All Duran and Arus players are invited!

We will be waiting for you!

With so much love,
Seal B.O.D. Team