Greetings Rohanians,

Once more, we bring you this great event called “Puzzle Event!”
We are calling all the Rohanians to give them a challenge!

Can you finish these puzzles and answer the questions from the pictures? 👀🧠

Follow this link to register and complete these challenges!

🔥 The first FIVE who answer correctly will win automatically the rewards. So hurry! 🔥

The participants who answer correctly will participate in the raffle, and 10 players from the complete list will win the rewards.

👉All those who answer correctly but did not win the raffle will receive another Participation Reward. 👈


🎁 Weapon Reinforcement Stone VI
🎁 Deluxe Abradant
🎁 Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone

Correct answer participation reward:
🎁 Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone

⚠️ This event will last from February 7th to February 10th.
⚠️ One account PER PLAYER
⚠️ Multiple accounts will reduce your chances of winning.

More Power! Love Rohan!

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-