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    [Community Event] Valentine's Machinima

    Hello Lovely Shiltizens!

    It is that time of the year again where we get all so bubbly and lovable. ✨💞
    Itís time to celebrate love and as the last year, we all had fun and enjoyed your lovely couple videos at the Machinima event.💖
    This year wonít be an exception, itís time to recreate a love story with your couple on a video, the most romantic and creative video will win!

    What is machinima?
    The practice or technique of producing animated films through the manipulation of video game graphics.


    1. Share your own love story, create or recreate a movie scene in a video where you and your couple act on a lovable, cute, romantic, funny or emotional scene.
    2. The video must last a maximum of 1:30 minutes
    3. Only one submission per couple
    4. The couples must have at least 800 days together to participate, otherwise wonít be considered
    5. Any edition program can be used
    6. Upload the video to Youtube (Name of the Story Ė Seal BOD)
    7. Post the link mentioning each character name and server

    GM Shriimp will make a live reaction on a Valentine's special event to each video to select the winners!

    1st Place: 10,000 RPs + Movie Star Costume (365 Days)
    2nd Place: 5,000 RPs + Together Forever (Pet)
    3rd Place: 2,500 RPs + Nifty Pink Wings.DG

    *The RPs will be divided equally between each member of the couple

    For all participants:

    🔥💓5 x Love Lollipop
    🔥💓2 x Double Pleasure
    🔥💓1 x Love Potion
    🔥💓20 x Rose

    You will be able to submit your entry from February 3rd to 11th 23:59 PST

    Stay tuned for the special valentines stream on February 12th, the winners will be announced after it.

    Good Love and Have Fun!!

    Love Seal <3
    Seal B.O.D. Team.

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    My valentine video

    Tittle : Our valentine is everyday.
    Couple : Misungwr & Worompp
    Server : Duran

    Love seal Bod^^
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    My valentine video

    Tittle : Our valentine is everyday.
    Couple : Hututu & Cngod
    Server : Arus

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    My valetine video

    Title : Valentine day has no meaning since......
    Couple : Eltrucko & ???
    Server : Duran


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    Link :

    Title : My Wish
    Character Name : Tonsuho & Shelters
    Server : Duran

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    My Valentine Video

    Title : The giraffe's struggle to get cat mage's love - Seal BOD
    Couple : Ixwawabunnyxl & Neessa
    Server : Duran

    thanks u for appreciate my video ^,^

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    My Valentine Video

    Link :
    Title : Your Name ; 君の名は
    Character Name : Overthesea & Overthesky
    Server : Duran

    Thanks for your attention ^^

    Note : it seems my main account can't reply this thread, i already sent the ticket to Support
    for meantime i will using this account to participate the event, thank you

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    Title: For Her
    Character Name: Aganzaky, Ahfilz
    Server: Duran

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    My Valentine Video

    Link :

    Title : Together Forever
    Character Name: Goodoctor & Chukka
    Server : Duran

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    My Valentine Video

    Tittle : Eternity of Love
    Couple : Shinicii & Aikarin
    Server : Duran

    Love SEAL
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