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    Exclamation Ac**** Banned while Hunting in leagel party, Need an explaination?

    Greetings, Jade!

    Thank you for contacting Playwith Interactive Game Support.

    Please, know that your account got banned for making a bridge party with your character “Alii”.
    Please, know that the only way a low-leveled account can be in a party with a higher level account is through cheats.
    Please, remember that we GMs do not support any means that will make a player have an illegal advantage over other players, and if it happens, the player will be punished.
    Could you please tell us what was the agreement with the low-level character?

    Thank you for your support and understanding!

    Kind regards,
    GM Chlodine
    Playwith Interactive Support Staff

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    NOTE: Playwith staff will NEVER ask for your password!
    Protect your account by NEVER giving out any of your account information!

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: 322174
    Department: Seal Online: Blades of Destiny Game Master
    Type: Issue
    Status: Open Tickets
    Priority: Medium

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    party team leader lvl 170.can party max level 210 and min level 113.please tell me what illegal is?

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    meanwhile in shiltz town, asking someone with lv 180(lets say) to creates speed party and asking invites lower lv 130, and asking to join the 3rd one at lv 230. after that, the leaders(180) left the sp.
    Q, is it considering legal or illegal? tq

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    Almost similiar cases happened with me.
    My main ID is banned because they said I was involved in a party with bridge, later "Please be informed that your character logs show it was using Bridge Party"

    truth: I joined a party via SP, my char level 271, the party leader level 271

    1. IF the party is using bridge, how could I know? I joined via asking from Sp
    2. As I know the party leader, I ask him and he said something similiar like you, party leader 23x, he is 271, and leader invited lower level char (around180). the leader dc, making him (with 271 the leader)

    I think if something like this happened GM need to clarify what bridge is actually
    cause as far as I know, bridge is level 271 inviting 204 then 204 inviting 150. the 204 char said yes, the 150 char said yes, then became a party with bridge
    if level 231 became leader, inv 271 and 180, how can this be classified as bridge??????

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    Bridge party consider cheating? is the game setting tho, and we dont need any 3rd party program, is that consider cheating?

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    Apparently yes, bridge is considered cheating. Sad.

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    Cool Are you sure that you're not cheating ?

    Please, know that the only way a low-leveled account can be in a party with a higher level account is through cheats.

    IMO :
    If max level (271) character and level 1-194 or level 1 character and level 51-max level character are in a party by a single invite (max level inviting level 1 and the party suddenly created in a single click without bridging the low-level or vice-versa), I assume that's obviously a cheat.

    But, if they literally bridging the party with legal requirements and flagged as a cheats... Then you must be kidding me!!! Its the game feature that exist since long-long-time ago. The main purpose was for helping newbies. You might invite any low level by bridging the low-level into your party (and vice-versa) with some legal requirements.

    Last but not least, I don't have any intention to say this.. but, banning any accounts which bridging the party in legal ways isn't a win-win solution for innocent players.
    Thank you.

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    "Its the game feature that exist since long-long-time ago."

    yeah, we can do party bridge because of the systems, but when we do they said we use cheat hahaha

    anyway I still considered lvl 231 PL inviting both level 271 and 180 to the party, is not a bridge

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    Player A level 260 Friday Night: hurray its weekend.. i want to level up my level..i will buy 7day double exp for friday saturday and sunday.
    Ok double exp complete..lets find party with apostle
    -Player A open speed party and he find some party
    Player A talk to him self) lets join..
    tadaaaa party accepted as party members no 6
    Player B (Apostle Leader of the Party level 225): welcome to the party
    Player C no 2 from party (Level 160) :hallo player A
    Player D no 3 level 170 : welcome
    Player E no 4 level 200 : lets hunt
    Player F no 5 level 190 :no afk

    After 1 hour..
    Player B : I need to AFK.. i will buff all of you(Party buff last 60 Minutes)
    After 55 min.. player B never comeback.. then suddenly theres info on chat
    Player B has left Party..
    Player C (Level 162) become a party leader..
    Shout using Megaphone
    Full Party Fast hunt fast Kill need Buff Apostle/ Priest cek Speed Party

    Player Z Apostle level 151.. open Speed Party.. and join the party as 6th member..
    After 6 hour hunt..
    player A (now level 264):
    Ok guys .. im tired.. continue tomorrow.. on sunday ill be 271 ^_^

    Then GM (still newbie and never play Seal Online from level 1 to 271 in their entire life) check logs from player!!

    GM :Theres a party between level 260 and level 151 .. according our new super good policies .. this is violation..
    GM magic word..
    /GMPowerBlocked Player A
    Reason : Party Bridge.. level 261 cannot play in same party with level 160

    Saturday morning..
    10.00 WIB (Indo Time) = 16.00 (Server Time)
    Player A after Brunch: now im full lets go .. level 271.. im coming..
    Start Game ----- Id : xxxxx pass : xxxxxx
    ID or pass Wrong
    Ok try again
    Id : xxxxzzzzz password :1123132
    Your Account has been blocked.. please contact Support

    Player A h nooooooo..
    Player A sent Ticket ask why GM blocked Account
    15 hours later ( Sunday 1.00 AM Indonesia time=Saturday 8.00 Server time) player A got reply from GM
    Your Account has been blocked according to our new Ban Policies.. please tell us what agreement between you and char level 151?

    Player A (sleepy and confuse) : i dont know GM

    4 hours later : 04.00Am Indonesia Time = 12.00 PM Server time
    Gm : Please remind .. bridge party is not allowed .. GMs do not support any means that will make a player have an illegal advantage over other players, and if it happens, the player will be punished.

    Sunday morning 10.AM after breakfast..
    Player A : What is this..
    Player A reply to GM.. GM are you Serious? Dont be so noxb and stuxxx.. im innocent.
    Few hours later
    GM : please Remind.. you are not allowed to insult GM!! For your Violation and Bad Behavior you will blocked 7 days..
    Please be nice and dont do any illegal activities

    Player A : Uninstall Seal Online
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    @CDSeal yeah this whole bridge party cheat is a joke

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