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    Red face Demolition Update!!

    Im wondering why GM only explain the positive side from this update and dont give us the complete information !!

    GM dont tell us , after this update why demolition drop rate become very bad!! Especially for max level demolition.

    Some people explain.. now demolition also being affected by "Drop Penalties Level"
    If the level difference between character and bales more than 50 ,the drop rate will be lowered !!

    Before update demolition and artisan have exclusive features, they can hunt everywhere without any worries because demolition and artisan are craftsman and craftsman made item and find materials

    Now craftsman (Demolition or maybe Artisan too) will have some trouble like any other jobs to find materials!!

    If this for the better seal,ill accept it..

    But GM should actually tell us about this BIG INFO and dont cover the important poin!!

    Are you afraid if you tell us no one will buy demolition item ?

    Well this is sad!!
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    after the update there is 1 problems i ve found
    the job Craftsman skill Area Destruction need consuming AP alot, its need AP 295 to hit the monsters which is really drains blue potion. Before the new update, these skill are just spent a little bit only [level 5 just spent 105 AP only]. please GM take concern about craftsmans skills, tq

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    the Developer is basically hate Warior and Craftman. Gambler, Assasin, Chef, Food fighter is the best class right now. those class good for PvP and decent for PvE
    idk who behind this warior and craft rebalance, but i know one thing : Their brain is completly damaged, noob, and never play war or craft.

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    thumbs down for the craftsman drop penalty updates!

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    Nowadays there are some or maybe many (Me Included) that changed job from Demol to Artisan. It's bad that demolition got penalty drop.

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