Greetings Rohanians!

Today, we will have a good story!
Tell us any short story you want. The theme of the story is... Winter stories!
Give us a skiing story, a survival story, a story you can share over hot cocoa… anything you have in mind!

Comment in our Facebook post the story and we will read them!
Click here!

By the end of the event, we will pick the GMs’ favorites stories and we will have 3 winners.


The winners will pick 3 rewards from this list of items. Choose wisely!

⭐Job change Stone
⭐ Pet Revival Ticket
⭐ Sealed Lucky Stone (1 day)
⭐ 100000 IP Ticket
⭐ Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone

⚠The Event will start on January 7 until January 9.
⚠ One account PER PLAYER
⚠ Multiple accounts will reduce chances of winning.
⚠ Remember to comment Character name, server and chosen rewards.

Thank you very much for your support. We are counting on your participation.

More power! Keep enjoying Rohan

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-