PvP Honor :
at See Offer: Accumulated prize items make more page for items for it, wish 10page now only 2

Lucky Number: rewards maybe need change to new

1st Feathers of Goddess Silva change to Lucky Box maybe can rollete it for A.sesx4 - (Deluxe) E.Abradant x2 - Ticket+max15x1 - Ticket+max12x2

2nd Talis Box change to Opa ticket
3rd Shiny Marea change to new Pvp Pve IM options
4th Pet Adropt Ticket x 100 or Pet Revival Ticket
5th change to Sealed Growth 400% 5days
6th change to Sealed Talisman Alpha 1day
7th change to Adventure EXP Pouch(Ultimate)

Rollette rewards in Elemental Dungeon...
7 7 7 - Ticket +1 (max18)
And other need go ingame do it post more ..

Continue update...