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Thread: new to seal...

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    Unhappy new to seal...

    i was lucky got few rubies at the first day

    but sold to Guild: Lovethesky and Mistborn for 500000 cegel

    then I saw their guild member sells ruby for 1550000...

    IGN: Chipsmore, Chipschoc, Morechips666

    dont you feel shame????
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    Man I feel really bad for this to happen in our community. There are many players taking advantage of others nowadays. I would like to recommend you to find a guild to join. If u are an English speaking player, Lawless guild speaks mainly English. But most of them are weirdos and hated by half of server.

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    they are still doing this in front of the bank in lime

    buy ruby 450k and sell for? 990k?

    IGN: Chipsmore is buying and Chipschoc, Doublechip are selling

    if you guys wanna take advantage of the new players, use different IGN at least XD
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    thats how buyer / seller do,, its normal.

    now ruby people sell at 5m = 8 pcs = @ 425k cegel,
    price going up and down, depends on buyer/ seller,
    also you want sell @1,5m cegel? shout until 1 week also no one buy.

    you want fast cegel? put at buy kiosk. fast cegel, saving time, you can farm more and get other stuff and+ high level also.
    this mean more high level monster, and more valueable stuff.
    its about how your mindset.so stop crying

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    agree with whats fchrulrz say,

    its normal and its legal
    thats how business work in real life too
    buy low price, sell high price

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