Greetings Rohanians!

Would you like to show off your awesome mount and impress everybody?
Then this is your chance to turn your mount into a pimped out masterpiece! “Pimp your mount” is the key to achieve this and have all your friends green with envy

�� How to participate?

Just choose a mount from the Item Mall and then comment your choice on our Facebook Post! When the event is over there will be five lucky players who will receive the Mount FOR FREE! ����
We will raffle all of the participants and get five names!

Facebook Link of the event:

[Mechanics & Restrictions] ��

The only categories available are mounts available at the Item Mall
Players can only choose 1 mount from the Item Mall
Only one character per player. Other accounts (alts) won’t be considered.
Only 1 gift per account.

The event will start on December 3rd until December 5th.
One account PER PLAYER

More Power! Love Rohan!

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-