Hello Shiltizens,

2020 is coming soon but for now, we still have many amazing things coming to Seal Online!

Remember that Seal News is available every month to bring you all the equip plans, development process and last news in the world of Shiltz.

📰Seal News – November 2019!📰

This November:

🔳Grabbit Update:

Grabbit has been updated on November 05th. You can check the new items available on Grabbit game on Seal web page.

🔳End of Halloween Season Events:

Halloween season events has now officially ended. Let’s wait for the upcoming events for this Christmas now. It will be amazing!

🔳Class Balance: Class Balance: Hunter and Cook!
Due to a re-schedule on game updates by developers, class balance planned for November was postponed for first maintenance of December.

🔳Item acquisition difficulties nerf:
On November, we have done some important updates to two of the most important Dungeons in Seal Online.

🔳Einhorn Dungeon Content: Now you will be able to obtain materials more easily since monsters of Candy Town will drop these materials more often!
You will be able to obtain Manuals for Einhorn weapons and armors from Einhorn Dungeon Bosses more easily.
More Info: https://bit.ly/2KREYlF

🔳Sage Tower Content: Now it is easier to purchase Jikael and Tipareth equipment with NPC Vulcanus and his brother.
Additionally, Sage Tower dungeon difficulty has been nerfed considerably. Now is the best time to smash the enemies and gear your characters!
More Info: https://bit.ly/2r87Miy

🔳Ranael equipment acquisition:
New NPC “Valentine Craydeneh” is now available. This NPC allows you to exchange Craydeneh’s Joker cards for Ranael armors and weapons. It is important to remember that you need to combine the card with Ranael Broken equipment to complete the transaction with this NPC.
More info: https://bit.ly/2XtVNYN

🔳Golden Chest:
Golden Chest has also been updated on last November 18th. You can find the new items list on Seal Online Forum > Game Master News.

🔳New GM Events:
New GM events are now taking place for this last quarter. Check Seal Online Forum > Seal Online Events to check them all:

- Naked Run
- Defend and Destroy!

🔳No cheaters allowed – November:
We will be soon announcing the ban of many high-level accounts that were found using 3rd party hack tools on the game.
For everyone else, we remind you that this campaign is going through the entire year of 2019. We highly recommend you to never use any tool that automatizes or modifies the normal gameplay experience.

Coming soon:

🔳Class Balance: Hunter and Cook!
Hunter and Cook class balance have been postponed for December’s first maintenance. Same as other classes balanced before, the hunter and cook are the next ones to receive some modifications on skills and general functions.

🔳New GM Events:
Besides from the already announce new GM events, we still have 2 more events to be announced to you next month:

- Deft Hands
- City Boss Raid

🔳Rascal’o Poly Update:
Rascal’o Poly will be updated on December first maintenance. Keep and eye on the forum to check all the novelties.

🔳Christmas Season:
The best season of the year is coming together with the best events!
Be ready for all the events and prizes prepared for December and have fun!
2019 is passing by, but we still can’t wait to give you more info about everything that is planned until December!

Enjoy the game!

Love Seal^^

Seal B.o.D Team!