We would like to introduce you a new NPC that is arriving to Shiltz. Maybe you already know her beautiful sisters, but at this time, you are gonna love Valentine Craydeneh!
You will find her at Elim D4 passing the fountain next to Taylor.

What is Valentine Craydeneh gonna do for you?

This NPC will be available for events and special promotions only, the NPC mechanics are: gather a Broken Ranael piece (it can be weapon or armor) + a Craydeneh Joker card for weapon or armor and she will exchange it for you for the exact armor or weapon you want!

The items Joker card weapon and Joker card armor are normal items that can be obtained by webmall that will arrive by mailbox to your inventory and as mentioned before you will be able to get them when those are available on the game.

And that is not all!

At the Item Mall, you will find a new item, called Ranael Releasing Ticket, with this ticket you will be able to downgrade the requirements to use Ranael equipment. This is a limited edition item too!

This ticket is a cash item, consumable that you can use once at a time for each equipment (1 ticket + 1 Ranael). It will reduce the level and fame requirement but do not worry, it will not modify your refine level either your 2nd options.

The level requirement will be reduced around level 150 ~ 159 depending on the refine level and the fame requirement will decrease to 1.

For all our shiltizens, please know that this tickets and cards are now available through the web mall from today until the end of Black Friday on November 28th.
After this, stay tuned to our official forum and social networks to future announcements!

You can now wet your tickets here:

Get stronger now!

Love Seal! ^^
Seal BOD Team