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    How to grind weapons?

    Hi, Im newbie. Im just curious how/where to farm weapons? Like for example the Level 40-60 weapons, and further on? Do I have to grind from mobs? Start crafting my own? Thanks for help

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    buy on NPC ?
    You want the part to have stats? Then choose "Buy magic instead of general" it will have random stat, but also random requirement,

    The complete part for Bedron tier weapon, like Meister Glory , Homer Will is not available on NPC. Last time it was available in IP Merchant but not anymore, so you must farm for Bedron tier now, Fox mobs in R3 seems drop it, also undead mobs in Gratt Waterway(Ruler boss spot).

    EDIT : Lol you saidd you are newbie, but your join date says that you are here even before me, are you real?
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