don't you guys know there are a lot of cheaters in this game

they use similar IGN to cheat, eg: l=1, vv=w, O=0

if someone was skinned anything by this kind of cheater

can you please SEND a ticket and let GM do their job

this happened 30 mins ago ↓↓↓↓

and the same sh1t happened a few days ago

IGN: Psychoopass

this player said he bought 7b from "ME"? chat with him by "Indo"?

come on, I'm not an Indo, I don't speak Indo at all

there is a sample I caught yesterday

Come on guys, everyone can tell the difference if they have BRAIN and EYES

can you blame me if you got cheated by this IGN????

My IGN: Workaholic, always at C-3 in Elim

Go AHEAD, Send the ticket, I'm not AFRAID lol