Hello Shiltizens!

We know that many of you were having hard times when trying to obtain Einhorn Material and for this reason, we want to spoil you with this last update!

Now you will be able to obtain materials more easily since monsters of Candy Town will drop these materials more often!

- Classic weapon manual
- Einhorn's Broken Weapon
- Colorful Essence (Red)
- Colorful Essence (Blue)
- Colorful Essence (Green)

Also, you will be able to obtain Manuals for Einhorn weapons and armors from Einhorn Dungeon Bosses more easily.

Now you are one step closer to obtain your desired Einhorn weapon or Armor!

And that’s not all… Einhorn weapons and armors are now updated; this means that the stats as ODI and DDI have been upgraded!

Good Luck and Have fun everybody!

Love Seal^^
Seal BOD Team