Hello Shiltizens,

As promised in our last Seal News, the SP and EP are now increased!

Skill Points

Before, you gained 3 SP for each level achieved, which in level 271, you were supposed to have 810 SP in total.
Now with this update, for each level achieved, you will obtain 4 Skill points… Also, in the following levels, you will obtain 5 SP:

Level 11: 5 SP
Level 21: 5 SP
Level 31: 5 SP
Level 41: 5 SP
Level 51: 5 SP
Level 61: 5 SP
Level 71: 5 SP
Level 81: 5 SP
LEvel 91: 5 SP
Level 101: 5 SP
Level 111: 5 SP
Level 121: 5 SP
Level 271: 5SP

At the end, with all 271 levels achieved you should obtain 1107 SP.

Expert Points

Regarding the EP obtained with your second class starting level 150, you will obtain 10 EP in this level. And for each level achieved: 3 points... But in the levels shown below, you will get 6 points:

Level 160: 6 SP
Level 170: 6 SP
Level 180: 6 SP
Level 190: 6 SP
Level 200: 6 SP
Level 210: 6 SP
Level 220: 6 SP
Level 270: 6 SP

At the end, if you reach level 271, you should obtain 409 EP!

We hope you can manage and distribute your SP and EP in the best way possible!

Note: All your SP and EP points will be reset after this maintenance.


Another system that has been updated is the Aggro System!
The Aggro will now be affected by the Class, Skill, and Damage done to the monster.
This will help you create strategies to face stronger enemies easily!

Aggro ranking by class:

⭐1st - Knight
⭐2nd - Warrior
⭐3rd - Jester
⭐4th - Hunter
⭐5th - Chef
⭐6th - Mage
⭐7th - Craftsman
⭐8th - Begginer
⭐9th -Priest

*This ranking will affect the amount of Aggro that you’ll obtain by attacking a monster.

NOTE: Remember that as we have already mentioned, the type of skill and the damage done will also affect the Aggro calculation.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Love seal!
Seal BOD Team ^^