Boooo Shiltizens!👻

Halloween season has arrived in Shiltz and with this, the monsters have gone out of their caves.

Watch out! Defeat those monsters to save everyone from the evil and preserve the peace in Shiltz.

We call the adventurers of Shiltz to start protecting the cities from evilness. Wanderer Jack monsters have appeared at the outparts of Elim and they threaten us to invade the city!

Lime is not safe also, Invader Zombies are starting to attack from the outers of the city, help Guard James to free the cities of the dark forces!

You will be able to find NPC Guard James at Elim C3 and Lime C4, he will tell you how to defeat them.

As a proof of your braveness, you must bring Guard James 100 Zombie's Bone and 100 Jack's Head, then NPC Guard James will thank you with a Halloween Crate.

What will you be able to find inside the Halloween Crate?

Right now, you must be asking yourself what is a Strange Egg?

Bring this Egg to NPC Guard James, he will know what to do!

From the Strange Egg, a Baby Spider will emerge and will become your new spooky friend!

This event will be available from today, October 22nd to November 19th.

Happy Halloweeen!

Love Seal!
Seal BOD Team