Hello Shiltizens!

We are now on the last quarter of the year but the updates won’t stop coming!
Remember that Seal News is available every month to bring you all the equip plans, development process and last news in the world of Shiltz.

📰Seal News – October 2019!📰

This October:

🔳Grabbit Update:

Grabbit was also updated on October 9th. You can check the new items available on Grabbit game on Seal web page.

🔳Halloween season events are already here!

If you still could not catch them up, we invite you to check them:

Halloween Playtime Event: Remain connected to the game as many hours as you can, achieve the goals and get super cool Halloween rewards for it!


Spooky Login Event: Login every day and receive super cool rewards! Don’t miss the chance to get very useful items for your journey in Shiltz besides amazing items that will make your character looks super stylish!


Missing anything? We didn’t forget! Halloween event is baking in the oven and will be available for all players on next October’s maintenance! You will be able to defend the cities against the spooky invaders and get amazing rewards in exchange, including a new Halloween themed accessory!

🔳Class Balance: Jester & Knight:

As promised, a new month, a new class balance! This was the time for Jester and Knight.
Check all the changes made here:

🔳EP / SP Rebalancing:

We heard your concerns about the lack of SP and EP points with the new class balances, that is why, we are updating the total amount of points obtained for each class increasing them to fit the new updates that are being done.
You will hear more details about it on the update post once the maintenance is complete.

🔳Agroo System Revision:

This October, we are applying an agroo system revision the the game. This revision is based on directing the monster’s agroo giving preference to the melee classes.
The Knight class will have the most threat generation improving its function as a tank.
Following are the classes listed by threat generation order:

Jester – Hunter – Cook
Craftman – Beginner

Each job skill will have a specific agroo weight but Knight will be able to keep the agroo by using provoke and other tank skills.

You will hear more details about it on the update post once the maintenance is complete.

🔳Golden Chest:

Golden Chest will be updated on October last maintenance. If you love trying your luck, golden chest might give you some cool rewards.

🔳No cheaters allowed – October:

Just like last month, we will be soon announcing the ban of many high-level accounts that were found using 3rd party hack tools on the game.
For everyone else, we remind you that this campaign is going through the entire year of 2019. We highly recommend you to never use any tool that automatizes or modifies the normal gameplay experience.

Coming soon:

🔳Class Balance: Hunter and Cook!

Same as other classes balanced before, the hunter and cook are the next ones to receive some modifications on skills and general functions. This update is planned for November if everything goes according with the plan.

🔳New GM Events:

Soon we will be announcing brand new GM events that will take place for this last quarter. Keep an eye on Seal forum and GM Events calendars!

🔳Old instance Dungeons re-work:

Sage Tower content will receive a new review.
Vulcanus item acquisition difficulty will be lowered.
Sage Tower clear difficulty will be reduced.
Boss attack nerfs.

2019 is passing by, but we still can’t wait to give you more info about everything that is planned until december!

Enjoy the game!

Love Seal^^

Seal B.o.D Team!