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    Cool Rohan Weekend Extravaganza!

    Greetings Rohanians,

    The Rohan Weekend Extravaganza has arrived!
    A crazy weekend awaits you with a great boost.

    We have many items on sale!!

    * All "Forging" category items with 50% OFF
    * Almost all "Reset and More" category items with 40% OFF

    Limited Sale Items

    ⭐ [Reset and More!]Sealed Lightweight 60 Slot Bag (30 Days)
    ⭐ [Package] Lightweight 54 Slot Bag package (30 Days)
    ⭐ [Growth and Buffs] Transcended Item Exchange Center's EXP Pouch

    Extravaganza Bonus

    You can get additional rewards depending on your purchases made during the event period.

    ⭐ Spend 3000 RPs ➡ +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +12)
    ⭐ Spend 5000 RPs ➡ 60 Slot Bag (Permanent)

    Note: Rewards will be sent at the end of the event.
    Note: Rewards are cumulative. If you spend 5000 RPs you will get both rewards.
    Note: RPs sent by GMs as rewards for previous events do not count for RPs Spent events.

    Extravaganza Mega Boost

    A Mega boost will be available during the entire event period.

    ⭐ EXP: 300%
    ⭐ Drop: 300%
    ⭐ Forging: 70% increased success rate
    ⭐ Refinement: 70% increased success rate
    ⭐ Reinforcement (Crafted item): 70% increased success rate
    ⭐ Enhancement (Forged item): 70% increased success rate

    ⚠️Boosts do not work with Recycle System.
    ⚠️Boosts are based on the success rate. In NPCs, the boost is directly applied.

    These events will be available from October 10th at 19:00 PDT until October 14th.

    Have a great and extravagant weekend.

    More Power! Love Rohan! Mega Boost!!

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-

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    Greetings Rohanians!

    We are glad to announce that the Extravaganza Bonus rewards were already sent

    Rewards were sent to the event inventory.

    Stay tuned for future events!

    Best regards
    R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team

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