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Thread: funny news~

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    funny news~

    No Cheaters Allowed

    you can't even stop those who spam 3rd-program in Elim and Lime

    Ummm, how can you said No Cheaters Allowed when there are always cheaters in Elim and Lime???

    And also there are players using 3rd-program to gather Epic coins

    I believe you can track their IP address and ban all the accounts from that IP address, BUT, you just don't want to

    then keep saying no cheaters allowed that bunch of crap

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    what do you expecting from them? they don't give damn about the community.
    only reply to thread when it fits their fancy
    ignoring the elephant in the room, instead dancing around the problem itself
    on the topic itself, i was talking with someone-i-forgot-who, but he was a warrior from glasis plain
    and he said someone cheat their level from 150 to 180 in no time
    when they noticed he had seen them, they ran away
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    why don't they post the "high level acc" that they banned? as a proof they really banned those char. This no cheater allowed campaign had been done multiple times yet I don't know if it's really been done since no char/acc is announced as an examples to make others not doing the cheats.....

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    Well about 3rd program..

    If you are using mouse with macro build in memory.. its actually not cheat.. they just repeat some command and spam what they need..
    If you said.. macro keyboard and mouse are not allowed in this game.. then this game will be RIP..
    All gamers have such mouse and keyboard to make their gaming experience easier..
    If wanna stop the cheater.. you cant ban the user.. but block the resources..
    So far i know.. no one can use map hack anymore and GM in this case make a very good movement..
    Im really apprreciate it.

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    Lol, using macros to assist in game play is allowed (said by the GM team), however, the issue is a lot of Templars are farming in Candy and Chocolate village with macros while "AFK". They are botting! The GMs do try to patrol in the two maps to kick these people offline (or they say they did appropriate actions toward these players) and I appreciate their efforts, but to my knowledge, they're still a bunch of these players and they can make 300 or more epic coins every day.

    As to map hack like mimigugu2 mentioned, there actually still people cheating in certain maps. If you wonder around, you can see in certain maps that mobs die automatically and sometimes see characters flying around. But compared to macro botting Templars, it is true that they are a minority.

    Overall, I do agree that the No Cheaters Allowed campaign is pretty much more of a joke.

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