Greetings Rohanians,

Today we are adding the Savage Hunter Event for all of you to enjoy!
First, you will have a new NPC called Ivan Storm who will give you four (4) new quests.

He is located in Crafting Studio

The first one is "Savage Hunt" which will request from you 250 Savage Badges and will give you one (1) Secret Silver Coin.

You can get these items from killing mobs in any map.
Good luck with your hunt!

Then, you have "My Secret Treasure".
Here, he will ask you two (2) Secret Silver Coins, which you get from the previous quest, and he will give you a Secret Treasure

-Here you can see the items you might get from the chest!-

You will need the Secret Gold Coin to complete the next quests from Ivan.
One of this quest is called "Savage Chest".
He will ask you for three (3) Secret Silver Coins and three (3) Secret Gold Coin to complete this quest.
Then, you will receive a Savage Chest.

The last quest, where you will need five (5) Secret Gold Coin and five (5) Secret Silver Coins for the "Savage Package".
This quest will reward you with the Savage Package which contains the Savage Guard Costume.

You will get all these items from the Savage Package:

And the Durahan's Ghost Mount looks like this:

*It can be used in Safe Zones.

A new enemy is attacking our continent, his name is Orlaseth, and he is hiding in the a foggy place!

He drops between 300,000,000 ~ 500,000,000 crones in addition to a possibility to get the following items:

⭐Transcended Item Exchange Center's EXP Pouch
⭐+1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +15)
⭐Savage Chest
⭐Origin of Transcendence (+3 Confirm Stat)

...and you can find him in Dharvegawan:

*Pro tip: You can go kill him and then return to kill Gail's minions!

We hope that you enjoy this event!
Enjoy the fights and more power to Rohan.

Best regards
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team