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    a letter for Freeplayer

    i write this bcuz i want all of freeplayer rethink about spending time in this game.
    i will share the fact about this game, so you guys can think before spending time. Especially for freeplayer out there.

    Let's go to the point !!

    1. This game is greedy. (yeah, no sh1t man)
    2. Boring game !! The longer you play, the better you know. this game is about Dungeon and AFK.
    3. Most player is GREEDY AS HELL. Especially those Casher. If you see
    and understand the MARKET CIRCUMSTANCES, you know what im talking about.
    4. Freeplayer ? freeplayer in this game have another meaning, which is "Slave" and "Suffer to play". this is fact.
    5. HARDCORE PAY TO Win for PvP. Should i explain ?
    6. BROKEN CLASS BALANCE (the worst aspect for every game that kill every fun ).
    7. Broken MARKETPRICE.
    Simple Ex: Curent rate RPS to cegel : 1000 rps = 500m, 2k RPS=1Billion= $20
    Cegel seller RATE : $15-$18 per 1Bilion.
    MOST SELLER IN Seal using RPS rate as a reference for SELLING STUFF BUT, when they buy something, they using CEGEL SELLER RATE as reference. SEE ? The most player in seal is GREEDY.
    8. Discriminative acces between FREEPLAYER and CASHER.
    Example : How long to get a full set of end game gear ? Let say HTBSW Ranael + TGW. The answer is simple !!!!
    Casher : spend $1000 dollar and ta-DAaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Freeplayer : YOUR LIFETIME. This is fact !! even if you grinding 6hours++/day, you cannot earn it.

    One last thing, this is for the GM and Staff. I've heard that there is item called "Special blessed diamond" and "Special Pink Diamond" in korean server. IDK if this info is true or not, but i know one thing !!
    If the information is true but you not implemanting it in SEAL BOD, you are simply the REAL ASSHOLES. You people basicalliy give the power to CASHER for controling the MARKETPRICE.

    So for Freeplayer, before you spending time in this game, plss think again !! i beg you!!! Bcuz im regret for spending 1 years ++ in this game. The time you spending in this game is not worth it. You can spend your time for your dream. Which i should but i didn't and now i regret as hell. Pleas don't do the same mistake.
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    Right first of all, you are full of sh1t. No Kidding man get a life or play dota2 if you wanna be totally free to play.. judging from your post, you do not understand economics at all. Im'ma break this down for you.

    Players who buys RPS are helping the server. You know how much is it to pay for hosting service, building rental, staff, game license, game server,game update,electricity bill, internet bill and other overhead fees? no right? its fcking expensive... the fact that the company made it FOR YOU free to play is good enough. They are already taking the risk from you if you are not gonna top up and the fact that you are ranting about it , it shows how ungrateful piece of crap you are.

    Now regarding the prices.. this is a free market, players are free to set up the prices at whatever they want.. Now, if you have something that is valuable and its hard for you to attain, do you wanna sell it cheap? nope.. How about if a GM told you that you cant sell that item over a certain price? you wont like it dont you? this game has a player run economic system, the players set their prices at their own free will and will adjust with the market prices.. its as simple as that.

    Broken class balance..really dude? for all 13 years that i played in Seal, I went through 2 server wipe outs.. I saw how their class is being balanced... its slowly but it is getting in the work. they are doing it one by one.. if they do it all at once, its not going to be good for the server since it may fcked up the whole balance again and they have to re do it again.

    discriminative access free player and casher.. u know the server doesnt control this right? this just means that you are not farming smart enough..

    lets take a look at zerk class for example..

    $30 for wep, $40 for HTBS that is 70 USD.. you can do sage and wtw with that with a bunch of people.. and then sell the gold boxes for like what? 35m cegels right now i think..your account can make 6 chars.. make 6 zerks, go to sage/wtw 6 times a day and farm that way.. soo lets say u get 1 box for yourself per run, sell it at 35m, that is 6 box per account if you run 6 times a day, 210m a day.. accessories? use yulson for now and do this for 23 days or if you get a forgotten king goldbox which is going for 60m right now that is even better, farm alcanez quest item, farm rubies.. you have been playing this game for a year.. if you dont know this.. you are a fcking idiot then...

    PS: no 70 USD? SUUUUREEEEEE, Yulson is there for you.. go farm rubies and alcanez.. ITS DOABLE, no apos? ASK YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

    if you still doesnt understand, the door is right there and go ahead click that uninstall button.. cheers u idiot whining asshole
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    Simple answer :

    Why you still playing this game if you know the game bad? Or inside your mind,hopefully with your "silly" act (like this) may change Playwith team to follow your will? Hehe.

    I am not active spender. Only spend some.

    Also something wrong with your logic. Specially Rps into cegel rate. Also, I think most of people prefer to buy item in cegel rather than cash.

    Let say, sakiel = 3K rps (XG+0), 3k rps rate 0.6 = 1.8B, while XG+7 mostly sold 1.3B, do you think people will buy from Rps seller? Haha. Nevermind.

    There no point to explain since whatever explanation you just blame it.

    The main thing just : "You cannot spend cash (lack of money or you are too greedy want get something fast but nothing to spend) and blammed them who spend cash (from hard work etc).

    Totally not understand people like you.

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