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    Question Why don't we have reset event?

    It is a thing in Korea after the bulk-up patch. Why this server doesn't have the same event?

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    Don't be shy, why all of sudden the moderator/team from the game keep hush hush?

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    They resetted the priest and the mage class.. what are u guys talking about..

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    From http://www.sealonline.co.kr/Board/No...e=&search_key=
    In short, they have NPC reset event for the duration on Korean server
    Sorry for being 'that guy', but what 'guys' are you talking about? As far as i see it is only me, so far, in the thread before you contribute.
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    Owh that, yeah my bad.. i saw 2 post and i tot from different person. well different server different management, different decisions

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    Let's say that's the reason, but now the question is why so? What makes it different then?
    It is certainly a new thing for both Korean and International server, but why we cannot 'experiment' (except from buying from the Item Mall)?

    I'm sorry if right now I'm kinda ranting and bias towards something, but it feels rather like we are the step-children-yet-still-abused-for-sweet sweet cash
    Especially the fact that they don't reply on this kind of thread irks me even more
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    as far as I understand from the translated pic, it's for upcoming content, not now. Perhaps when all the job skills boost completed for all the jobs in seal.

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    I thought that too at first, however
    Whatever, this is their game. I give up, they don't even bother looking at this thread
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    wow so korea had that kind of NPC, I wish we can get that too

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    Almost all game have this npc..
    In wow example ..
    We can set up 2 or 3 skill build..
    Just pay some cegel and we can have our build skill..
    (War build or dungeon build)
    I hope seal bod can follow seal korea

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