As you requested, the PK channel is back!

We call upon all our Shiltzians to fight and show your powers!

Here are the events you will find at this server this season:

Treasure Hunting
Find the treasures hidden in the world, pick up as many rewards as you can!

Pit Stop Racing
Find NPC Pit Stop Race, grab the ticket and run as fast as you can to the goal!

Seek and Destroy
The Zombie Rascals want to attack Shiltz again! Find them and destroy their forces!

Guess the Portal
Will you be able to find the correct portal before everyone does? Join the pursuit of the grand prize through this portals!

Boss Invasion
The bosses have scaped from their rooms, find and defeat them, the loot will be yours!

This events will be alternated with the normal channel events, you will find this information at the monthly event calendar as part of the regular schedule.

It is IMPORTANT that you check the PK CHAOS SYSTEM rules before adventuring yourself on the PK Channel. You can consult the Wikia for the PK mechanics:

The battlefield is waiting for you!

Love Seal! <3
Seal BOD Team