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    Thumbs down Some observations that are impossible to see (changes that have taken place lately)

    First of all I want to mention that there have been changes which just didn't think of them at all!
    The balance between classes is not good at all and simply it should not be called balance anymore. Why it was not well thought out? You wonder if all the classes are useful in PvP?
    Have you implemented Critical Def. Technique, what can to do this scroll? I'll tell you (absorbs critical damage), that is, in short, classes like Strength Avenger become useless and non-existent.
    All these for what? Because you can't balance the Predator?
    Let's go further, you changed this Power Arena and made the best exp source in the game, but have you considered whether everyone is benefiting from the time you have chosen?
    I do not know when things will go well in this game because every time you implement some news simply pathetic!
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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    So tldr is the game s0ks at balancing things who knew!

    Yeah crit immunity technique is op as **** and people petitioned hard to get them removed from the game back in 2009 only to see them come back because gaem dont want to nerf predator's damage. Heres the better question for you:

    how do you nerf the damage output of agility crits without shafting str avengers? simply put you cant

    I enjoyed playing str avenger in fact I own an upg dagger if str avenger could ever be a thing again id be happier than a pig in sh*t.

    Str avenger's weakness is the fact that as pdef values go up the effectiveness of str points goes down. The only thing I can think of is a buff to phantom crow which will give some form of armor penetration based on your str stat but the problem there is that predators would still be better unless you didnt have a katar and crit immunity technique would still have to exist.

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    str avenger..... 1 str = 3 melee (60% str self-buffed)
    agi avenger 1 agi = 2,5 melee (90-110% agi self-buffed)

    What keeps you from playing full agi avenger with PP/DPP/PC?

    but no let's play str avenger and while we at it bring back psy temp too!
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