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    Ingame mechanics inquiry - knockback


    I edited the post so it won't go out of course.

    My question goes as following:

    I found out that since I switched my status points from str to vitality my character doesn't knockback the enemies (or pushes back the enemies per hit) anymore.

    Yet I think my build would require switching to Str at late game to get the most of it.

    That's why I ask you, does someone has information about this ingame mechanic?

    I want to hit harder than I do now, but if a switch to str I think I would push the enemies back like before, making me unable to benefit from Sharp Melee (60% melee dmg within 4m)

    Is there an equation or anything that helps me understand how much strenght is enough?

    Anything that you might think would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    First of all, Str Scout is so 2009.
    Aint a thing anymore.
    So you better reset stat points again and go full dex (Sharpen Melee works while using a bow aswell, youll deal more dmg to mobs on closer range)

    1 thread wasnt enough attention huh ?

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    that wasn't my question.

    I'm asking about the ingame mechanic of knockback, nothing else, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackies View Post
    that wasn't my question.

    I'm asking about the ingame mechanic of knockback, nothing else, thanks.
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    can i have some of what you smoke
    +1 lmao me2
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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    I'm just asking about the ingame mechanic of knockback...
    Please don't deviate the topic, I search for information of this in the internet and found none, I assume that in korean that's not the case.
    I found out that some hits knockback the enemies and other don't.
    I think that happens because there is an equation that goes into place when a hit is too strong for an enemy. But, there are a few things that don't add up.
    First, my crits even though they do 3x times the damage of a normal hit, don't knock up the enemy.
    But lower damage hits can knockup the enemy when my character has more STR.
    I think that total damage isn't what causes this, because crits don't knockback.
    So STR is the issue.

    But this is just an assumption, can I have a real answer instead of this please?

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    Critical hits probably dont trigger the knockback mechanic because only 1 effect can be applied. I for example dont remember ever criting on magic push or whirlwind / shield push.

    If sharp melee does work even without a dagger then you should just stick with full dex.

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    - whirlwind/magic push/shield bash are SKILLS that displace the movement of a target or targets, the amount of displacement are pre-set values within each skill level and have nothing to do with your stats and such

    - critical hits interfere with attacks and can interrupt you from reaching your normal attackspeed, making you skip an attack (this has again nothing to do with stats, it's just what happens when you receive any critical attack)

    - There is a guildbuff that has this effect: ''guildmembers have a 10% chance of pushing targets 10 meters back with their attacks for 10 minutes'' this buff is also simply a buff that lasts 10 minutes, does exactly what it describes and is independent of any of your stats/lvl/gear

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    Thanks, this helps me a lot.

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