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    [Event] Drop Finder


    This time, we want you to be rewarded while having fun!
    For this reason, we have recently implemented new events that will be very helpful for you!

    Epic Vending Machine

    All level user can hunt bales for Epic Coins and exchange for Epic Capsules on vending machine.

    We bring you an event that will be available for all level characters and will allow you to obtain some valuable items, so please check it out!

    This is what you need to do:
    You will need Epic Coins which are dropped by all monsters in open maps (not dungeons), and you can exchange each one for one Epic Capsule in the Epic Vending Machine NPC located in Elim C-4📌

    Inside this Epic Capsules you can find these items:

    Try to get them all!

    A foreigner Craftman

    One of Olsen's cousin has arrived to Shiltz from far far away and he has brought special powers to help you obtain Dragon's Eyes!

    How does it work?
    You will need to bring to this foreigner craftsman a Unbreakable Hammer🔨 and an Ancient Geode, this geodes can be red, blue or green.

    How will you find this items?
    The Unbreakable Hammer can be obtained by killing the Waterway Dungeon bosses and you can find the geodes by fishing. Remember! Use just normal bait.

    This will not be an easy task, once you got the items needed go with A Foreigner Craftsman NPC📌, located in Elim C-4 next to the Epic Vending Machine.

    This is how it works:

    ⭐1 Unbreakable Hammer + 1 Ancient Red Geode = 1 Red Dragon’s Eye
    ⭐1 Unbreakable Hammer + 1 Ancient Blue Geode = 1 Blue Dragon’s Eye
    ⭐1 Unbreakable Hammer + 1 Ancient Green Geode = 1 Green Dragon’s Eye

    Dungeon Hunting!

    You will be able to obtain more surprise items in different Dungeons!
    Get stronger by obtaining special items from dungeon monsters. The Wolf Hunter set is back! And you will be able to find pets around the dungeons too to help you evolve to stage 7th!

    Check it out!

    In Alcanez Dungeon:

    💛Piya’s Egg
    💜Bird Egg
    💛Pink Piya’s Egg
    💜Green Seed

    In Sage Tower:

    💛Abysmal Egg
    💜Heaven’s Egg
    💛Wolf Hunter Hat
    💜Wolf Hunter Top
    💛Wolf Hunter Bottom
    💜Wolf Hunter Shoes

    In Einhorn Dungeon:

    💛Mandra Seed
    💜Black Dragon Egg
    💛Tailed Wisp

    These events will be available from August 27th until October 9th.
    Have fun and good luck everyone!

    Love Seal!
    Seal BOD Team ^^

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    can i get it from every floor of dungeon??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bedulz View Post
    can i get it from every floor of dungeon??
    Hello bedulz!

    That's correct, you can get them from any Dungeon Floor.

    Good Luck!

    Seal BOD Team ^^

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    Please help and fixed that NPC,
    after updating, I and several other players couldn't talk to NPC Crafman and Machine. We want to exchange the Epic Coins

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    1 question,

    For those newbie player which cannot do Sage Tower even Waterway Dungeon, how do we break the geodes?

    GIT GUD?

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    24 hours fishing only got 3 geodes.. its untradeable and cannot be stored in bank.. how many inventory will be wasted!!

    3 for dragon eyes
    3 for geodes
    1 for unbreakable hammer

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    Dear GM,

    How i can get wolf armor? i do sage almost every day twice but i dont get it. Eventough using double drop i just get gem.

    Can u make it fair? I hear Duran player get a lot of it, but i dont see it for arus server? Are u guys want to kill arus player?


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