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    Event success rate error ??

    I believe now its on 60% forge n combine event, i was just try make rare weapon and i got 7 time faill in a row.. I got guild forge buff aswell.. Do you think its insane ???

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    LoL its ROHAN mate, since they made a game they show you pics of percentages,events,boosts,ultimate events,ultimate boosts, 90% this, 60% that, boost of this, boost of that, but actually its more like spend 6000$ and then you have 60% chance of getting somewhere ... enjoy the game, but dont spend life on it, the IQ and moral of ppl runing such game for years,where they drain down cash and basically maintain one simple game as this for years without anything new (adding a code for one instance dung is 2 day work, and they did few dungeons in 10 years)

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    bumpeh the post

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