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    Best Class in game right now both PVP and PVE ?

    Give me a idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by memekfanivirgin View Post
    **** you gm bitch, stupid, idiot, moronic ****, mother ****ers. You banned me for no ****ing reasons stupidhead. Stop being a dick and banned innocent people for **** sake. You banned people just because you dont get a target sales. Your marketing team fails expecting people to buy expensive things from ur ****ing item malls, ur event fails too, and now what? You put some cheapy price for people to do grabbit for ur ****ing evolution thingy you bitch. Aint no body will buy that, u know why? Because in the end you will put 7th grade at ****ing grabbit and golden chest. You basically put me as a black sheep so people see you did ur ****. What did u do in the office? ****ing gms with each other? ****ing faggots. You people are ****ing circus clowns uneducated bastard bitch. Banned me for no reasons, **** that conor mcgregor u hv taken everything i hv worked for mother ****ers, u know what the real money fight is with me, not these clowns u punked in the press conference, no one want to see that, u know u beat them already. Thats an easy fight with the real **** right here. I wait you at elim now talk to me u bitch and will continue doing this until you unban and give a reasonable bitch. Update 7th pets? See your mothers in the 7th hells.
    The one and only, true father of dragons:


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    somebody over in seal get a wee bit unhappy?

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