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    Quote Originally Posted by walkingdeadnyc View Post
    It's easy to be unbeatable in a game that nobody plays. Try doing this in 2000's
    But depending on how you count you either

    a) didnt play in the 2000s (you became a factor in 2010+)
    b) played in the 2010s which he also plays in.

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    2 hits father of dragons


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    oh I saw this now but it doesn't show when you die to hk pt lol like i said you only hug sz or pk hk but you still die nab....

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    And i cant understand why you bring my sage in to this im not Salve and im on pedants and not op gear you still die sorry if my rumir killed you that must hurt.......

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    so basically he did 2 massive crits at the very end of his full charged combo
    everyone knows OS scales insanely high if youre surrounded by tons of mobs (+ your targets) soooo...?

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    Hey who died?2dhans 1 ranger 1 noob guard and fail agains 3 peop on hk lool

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    Lol take it easy Snic, its not the first time I kill you lol

    But gotta admit you’re tougher than Salve lol

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    maybe what you say is true but then I have been afk and on hk......

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    and when i killed you i did it solo not zerg

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    You cant kill an unarmed cat lol, you call me killing you alone a zerg? Well I see where you’re coming from I’m just too much to handle so you consider me a zerg lol

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