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    Why my account has been blocked? Support Ticket #312613

    After maintenance i want login to my main id and there is some notice my account has been blocked ? WHY?? I do not doing anything wrong. I have played this game for 4 years and i got retired from this game, and 2 weeks ago i come back to play this game and now why u block my account?? Am i doing anything wrong? I never cheating on this game i just farmer on this game without break all ur rules.please GM answer me send ticket as fast as u can. PLEASE
    Support Ticket #312613
    I alr spend my time and spend my money to buy rps. And now why u blocking my account GM please answer. I still want to play this game.PLEASE GIVE MY ACCOUNT BACK AS FAST AS U CAN :'(

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    Bye bye~ cheater~

    don't pretend that you didn't do anything wrong lol

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