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    [End] 7th Pet Evolution Race

    Hello Shiltizens!

    As promised, all of your efforts in obtaining a 7th-grade pet, were rewarded.

    We recently mentioned in the Forum event post that the first character to achieve the server first evolution, was going to get back the 5 pets used as material…. And you did! The 5 pets were now sent to you.

    The Winner for this prize is:

    Luckyjesus - Duran
    Groverjet - Arus

    Also, here is the list of the players who managed to obtain the 10 pets of the list.

    First Moonlight Angel Kitsune:
    Luckyjesus – Duran
    Zhasy - Arus

    First Fragant Mandragora:

    Sheeko – Duran
    Aris - Arus

    First Returned Albino B.Dragon
    Nous – Duran
    Groverjet - Arus

    First Goddess Valkyrie
    Levisilva – Duran
    Groverjet - Arus

    First Dragon's Empress
    Marieregal – Duran

    First Gleaming Jewel Phoenix
    Luckyjesus – Duran
    Heroic - Arus

    First Lord Chicken King
    Shaoma – Duran

    First Lady Chicken Queen
    Not yet

    First Forest Spirit Dryad

    Not yet

    Flower Spirit Dryad
    Not yet

    Please know that you got the 2 pets mentioned on the list according on the 7th grade evolved pet. You can use them for evolving another pet into grate 7th!

    Thank you all for your support and effort ^^

    We have many events coming for you!

    Love Seal! <3
    Seal BOD Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by memekfanivirgin View Post
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    Dear GM, I'm so happy that you banned this kind of loser! you did a wonderful job with this! keep doing the great job GM! you're the best! love you 3000!

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