Hello Shiltizens!

All new characters will be able to enjoy cool equipment and armors thanks to NPC Yulson now!

When you create a new character, you will receive a Weapon/Gear Voucher which will activate once you reach level 30.

You just need to go to NPC Yulson, located in the center of Elim at D-3 and he’ll give you the correspondent armor and weapon according to your class, starting only at level 30!

But these items are not only for level 30 players….

Once you reach level 50, 70, 80, 100, 120, 130, 150 and 180 you will be able to claim your weapon and armor for each correspondent level as well!

If you have characters created already, you can come to Yulson’s Disciple and ask him for a Voucher! With this voucher, come to Yulson’s again, he will be able to provide your gears this time.

We can’t wait to see your characters rocking these equipments!

Have fun everybody ^^

Love Seal! <3
Seal BOD Team