The owners of 6th-grade pets… will finally be able to evolve their little friend all the way up to
7th grade now!

These 7th grade pets have been recently applied to the server and we want to show you how to get one!

Here is some information that you need to know:

Depending on the information and statistics of the registered pets, the final stage evolution result will be different.

You can find [NPC] Pet Master at Sevis E4 next to the [NPC] Pet Trainer.

Select five 6th-grade pets
(All 5 pets must be in level 9 +100%)

Also, you will be able to use the new cash items for increasing the chance of getting the desired pet

Check the color references to know the meaning of each slot (Blue, Orange, and Pink)

Slot to add cash item to increase the chance of obtaining a rare pet

Slot to add cash item to increase the chance of obtaining a specific statistic for the pet (Magic, Attack, Normal)

Slot to add cash item to increase the chance of obtaining a specific type of pet (Piya, Black Dragon, etc).

*On the pet evolution interface Sami = Kitsune and Sky = Valkyria


- You can add a cash item for each corresponding cash slot.
- The rarer the pet used as material, the more likely to obtain a rare 7th grade pet.
- Adding more 6th evolution pets of the same type will increase the chances of getting that same pet type as a result.
- There are 2 kinds of cash items for each slot, one with lower rates and others with higher rates for obtaining the desired feature. You can choose one cash item type per each slot.
- If you register multiple pets of a specific statistic, there is a higher probability that the result will be a pet of the same statistic.
- You have a very low chance to fail this evolution, but please remember that you still face the risk of losing all your 5 pets used as materials.

For example:
You will get higher probabilities of creating attack pets when registering 3 attack pets, 1 magic power pet, and 1 normal pet... Or use 5 of the same type to get an even higher chance rate.

Here's the list of all the NEW 7th Grade pets:

We can't wait to see all these 7th-grade pets running around Shiltz ^^

Good luck everyone!

Love Seal ^^
Seal BoD Team