Greetings Shiltizens!

A new community event is available for all of you!

Here is your Treasure map! You will have to pick ONE of the roads that lead you to a treasure box!

These 4 treasure boxes include different rewards. However, ONE is better than the rest.
In other words, there is a SPECIAL GIFT with unbelievable rewards on it!
There will be 30 winners (20 from Duran and 10 from Arus) who will get their chosen boxes

Beware Shiltizens! You will have to trust your gut and you choose the right gift.

The only thing you need to do is register, choose a gift and DONE!


The rewards will be the following:

3x Rascal Rabbit
1x Blessed Pink Diamond
1x Pet Appraiser's Mistake

2x Golden chest key
1x Premium Kiosk(3 Days)
2x Old Knight's Approval

2x Fame Ticket
5x Crystal
1x Albereo's Toolbox.1

10 x Roses
1x Pet Feeding Bag (1 Day) (Untradeable)
5x Rascal Rabbit's Attack Booster
5x Rascal Rabbit's Magic Booster


What gift box will contain the ultimate prize? All will be revealed on July 31.

*The event will start on July 26 until July 30.
*Rewards will be sent on July 31.
*One account PER PLAYER
*Multiple accounts will reduce chances of winning.

Thank you very much for your support. We are counting on your participation.

Good Luck to everyone and have fun!

Love seal^^
Seal BoD Team.