Greetings Shiltzians,

For the past few years, the forum has been the heart and soul of the community. However it has been left untouched and thus abandoned.

Players wander to seek answers they may potentially never find because the forum is never active. But thanks to that, we have found a solution.

For the past week, we have gathered players with good intention to see the community grow and to emerge success in the future to work on a project that will ensure the community's voice have not been left unheard.

We are proud to introduce to you, the Seal Online Discord Channel.

Here you will be able to;
- Seek support without having to wait for tickets to be replied to
- Enjoy the company of one another through our "Chit-Chat-n-Chill" room
- Don't have a guild in-game? Not to worry, the "Guild-Recruitment" room is there for you to announce your presence
- Learn about Dungeons, Raids, Classes
- Seal Market place for you to buy and sell your goods
- Many Voice channels for you to choose from and hangout with the community
- A "Fun Room" where you can be kept entertained with music, video, memes, screenshot
- Regular update on news/events regarding Seal Online


There are many roles in the channel to help organize and support the community.

Shiltz Police (Admin):
Ensure the community is well supported, and all regulations are followed

Tech Support:
All related issue regarding tech can be reached

Class Masters role:
Playing a class that you have questions about? Refer to these "Master" titled players to help you out. These are players who knows the class in and out.

Warrior Master = Warrior
Wizard Master = Mage
Tanker = Knight
Ninja = Assassin
Gambler Master = Gambler
Medic = Apostle
The Pope = Templar
The Butcher = Food Fighter
Master Chef = Chef
Shooter = Hunter
Refiner = Artisan
Hammer Master = Demolition

Feel free to mention these titled players, if you have an concerns about your class role.


Note that this channel is for the official server, any promotion of private server will be punished and potentially removed from the channel.

As this community is internationally recognized, it is strict that the channel is kept in English. We would love for players to be comfortable in all aspect.

We hope to see you guys in the channel and to see the growth and success to come.

Best regards.