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    Looking for old syrephis open beta players and friends

    Ign : Kundun

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    Hi. Im old player form poland, before i play at Syrephis(nickname: KiciaKryticia) and want to back the game but... but.. but.. I go ahkma cave and its EMPTY ;c I have 15lv(cant find old accounts) and looking ppl for play together at Jin server. BTW did you know how long i need to wait for crones from exhange market? I but some money at EM 2 days ago and i havent this anywhere..

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    Syrephis old school represent (Iceyy)

    Iceyy~~Certified Rohan Expert
    ROHAN: Defender Avenger ???? Lumir ????? Noir (Ran)
    TERA: BANNED(65 Warrior) ALSOBANNED(65 priest) @DELETED GAME
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    Here we go again (Jin)

    Enjoy the party :P
    My nickname: SenaKashiwazak
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