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Oh yea maybe I should have clarified more, yea you can’t just pump up damage bc that will ruin the pvp balance. The main issue is definitely the mobs p def.

From my perspective all these balance patches don’t mean **** until they fix the actual mobs pdef. But they won’t do it, it is easier for them to change small details like turn 20% buff into 25% and say they worked so hard all month and even extended the date.

All these changes don’t matter until they address the main issue, leading back to my point they are clueless.

Even if they eventually change the Pdef of mobs you still have other issues too. Just one I can think of is on HK guardian won’t buff combo to kill mobs until the selected mob is dead. This is huge problem in abyss even if they lowered pdef bc of the massive hp.

But again this HK issue has been brought up many many times and the GMs don’t care, it’s too much trouble for them they rather spend months playing with percentages
I think the balance patches are for a big part also meant to balance out PVP lol.

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still even if they reduce hp/ mobs pdeff dhans, sages, templars will kill mobs in few hits when noirs guardians etc in 50+..... so still you will need them in pt cuz they will always kill faster.
Yup those classes will, in comparison always deal more damage than other classes, specially in party. They will remain the best PVE classes, no matter the change.