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    Shiltz Summer Runway

    Greetings Shiltzians,

    Today, we bring a new event! Do you like to take pictures of your character? If so, the "Shiltz Summer Runway" is for you!

    We will provide a "theme" at random and all participants must take the picture of their characters in-game (screenshot) with the provided theme. (Picture must not be edited)

    We will grade the participants creativity and originality so give your best effort!
    Best of lucks!

    ⭐Today's theme is... BEACH!
    Click here to register and participate: https://forms.gle/sHPJEJP9DmuGKVbw8

    We will have 12 lucky winners, per server, and they will receive the following rewards:
    ⭐ 2 x Golden chest key
    ⭐ 1 x Blessed Diamond
    ⭐ 3 x Rascal Rabbit
    ⭐ 3 x Summer party chest

    [Participation Reward]
    ⭐ 50 x Roses
    ⭐ 1 x [Untradeable] Charming Face
    ⭐ 1 x Pet Feeding Bag (1 Day) (Untradeable)

    - Picture must not be edited.
    - The name of the character must be visible in the picture.
    - One participation for account. If someone is found participating with several accounts, they will be disqualified.

    Love Seal!
    Seal BOD Team ^^
    GAME MASTER - Fennix

    -R.O.H.A.N. Team-

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    Hi GM, i wouldnlike to know when this event begin and over. And oh yeah, the announcement who is the lucky winners?

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