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Class Balance – Half Elf

We have completed another Class Balance. The Half Elf have received some changes.
You can check all changes here!

In addition, we have grouped all changes done to the classes in one single post so that you do not have to search page-by-page all.
Here is the post:

Power Arena Season Finale

We are glad to announce the ending of this Season.
We hope you all have gathered what is necessary for the new costume of the Supreme Commander we are rewarding! Season 5 will end on July 2.

We remind you that the box from the Season 4 will be removed from the game to include the Season 5 reward boxes.

Summer Season!

We have started the Summer Season Sales! In addition, we have the Weekly Boost and the Limited Edition costumes!

Check the details here:

Summer Playtime

We remind you that you have a Playtime Event! You have until July 1 until the Playtime ends.
You can check the information here:

Master of Whisperers

We are glad to announce all the secrets from the Event. Some were darker some were funnier but here are all of them.

Check the winner here:

Soon we will have more news.

More Power! Love Rohan!

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