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    Cool Master of whisperers!

    Greetings Rohanians,

    This weekend we bring you a special event!!
    You must find the master of whisperers in the fishing hole and whisper (/w) him a secret.
    The master of whisperers has a guild called "Whisperer".

    The secrets will be published after the end of the event without reveal the identity of who said it.

    Event Rewards

    All those who tell a secret to the master can participate in a raffle.
    In this raffle you can win one of the following rewards:

    * Transcended Item Exchange Center's EXP Pouch (25 winners)
    * +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +12) (15 winners)

    And that's not all, the GMs will choose 5 additional winners who will receive both rewards.
    The GMs will reward the most creative, impressive or funny secret.

    This following reward will be given to all participants:
    • Adventurer EXP Pouch(Ultimate) x1
    • Gladiator Licence(Intermediate) x1
    • Ranger Licence(Intermediate) x1
    • Mage Licence(Intermediate) x1
    • The reward for participation is per account, not per character.
    • You must tell a valid secret. Nonsense text is not possible. (Example: asdasdasd)
    • If you write anything inappropriate, we will disqualify you from the event.
    • If you reveal personal information, you will also be disqualified.
    • Only impressive, creative or funny secrets will be published.
    • Declarations of love are allowed.
    • Be aware we are allowed to disqualify entries that we deem not eligible for the participation rewards.

    Weekend boost

    Do not ask more! The weekend boost is here too.

    ⭐Exp.: 200%
    ⭐Drop: 200%
    ⭐Forging: 50% increased success rate
    ⭐Refinement: 50% increased success rate
    ⭐Reinforcement (Crafted item): 50% increased success rate
    ⭐Enhancement (Forged item): 50% increased success rate

    ⚠Boosts do not work with Recycle System.
    ⚠Boosts are based on the success rate. In NPCs, the boost is directly.

    Item Mall Sale

    During these period we will have an Item Mall Sale:
    • Bamboo Robe (M) - Available for a limited time.
    • Spring Festival Costume (M) - Available for a limited time.
    • Brown Straw Hat (M) - Available for a limited time.
    • Happy Doge (F) - Available for a limited time.
    • Violet Karate Dress (F) - Available for a limited time.
    • Spring Festival Costume (F) - Available for a limited time.
    • Deluxe Equipment Reinforcement Abradant - 40% OFF
    • Enhancement Abradant - 40% OFF
    • Grade A Equipment Reinforcement Abradant - 40% OFF

    These events will be available from this June 14th at 19:00 PDT until June 17th.

    More Power! Love Rohan!

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-

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    Greetings Rohanians,

    We are glad to announce the winner secrets for this event!
    Here are all of them!
    • *I usually smell my own fart when im alone XD
      *i have been in love for the longest time with my bestfriend.
      *I like when rice taste with chillis, my bottom doesn't
      *i have a secret im a virgin since birth
      *once i stole a candy from my bf and when he asked where is it i told that our other f took it
      *The Sign of a beautifull person is that they always see beauty in others
      *i like the line in 50 first dates movie "nothing beats the first kiss"
      *I still love my college teacher!!
      *i love you dont tell none
      *The answer to the meaning of life and everything is still 42
      *dont tell my parents please; i feed my broccoli to the dog
      *i really want to keep this secret with you. many of my friends know that im really a man but im not. im a gay, and i like my bestfriend so much
      *When :im at mall walking through auto slide door, I waved my hand so I can pretend I'm a wizard
      *Grizzle took nawal on a date and ate soft kahtos
      *if you do dance 2 in ronelia hector will come and whoop you
      *She thinks DRAGONGREEN is cute green but sexy in black
      *I think my guild is a dead guild
      *my secret is "I'm scared to be home alone even in daylight"
      *my secret is im "knightking"s "' niece
      *I can't dance.
      *i proposely smell my own farts when im alone and judge how bad they smell
      *I have true but funny story from when i was a teen, A long time in my past i used to be called Mr Bean aka The comedy actor rowan atkinson because i ressembled him and also shared his birthday too. That's my only secret
      *Ohn never recovered from his rest cuz Edoneh keep secretly giving him vegan food !
      *Hey i am GOD and and see you now, this guy need win :=)
      *i haven't touched a drop of alcohol in a long time this name is ironic
      *I've been secretly escaping class to play Rohan lol
      *i Love Priest Anita
      *im virgin
      *my deepest secret is : I am a Rohan addict
      *i really love my GirlFriend so i want to surprise her
      *Minecraft is better than terraria but haters not like that
      *i fell inlove older than me. i gave him freedom but i still love
      *i dont take shower morethan a week
      *i love XeragonX
      *my secret is I always have a Hitlist of all the one PK me. and I will hunt them when I'm strong enough to kill them.
      *i have 1 and only tattoo a cookie monster tattoo on my belly
      *im a girl but i dont tell to any body
      *"Natie" is my Pretty kitty
      *i am a secret nerd in real gpa of 4.0 but you wouldnt knw that if yu saw me in real i made the deans list at college this spring your the first person i have told that i made deans list
      *im Sexy

    And here are the 5 winners chosen by the GMs!
    • *When I'm high, I chase my cat around the house, pretending to be a T-rex!
      *my roommate punched himself in the eye and faked being jumped becos his gf was abbout to break up with him. they are now married lol
      *my secret is i have a child in my wifes friend
      *i once caught my brother trying to pee into the refridgerator while sleep walking, i guided him to the toilet to finish the deed. thats my secret
      *I'm in love with mica. This is my official declaration of love for her, if she doesn't love me back i will DDOS the server. i know she likes ved'jins short hair but im sure she will like mine more. i know you work in a white office space, im very pale too from living in my mothers basement so i will fit in nicely. please marry me. i know where you live!

    Congratulations on winning! The rewards have already been sent!
    More Power! Love Rohan!

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-

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