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    Exclamation Advice for players who's gonna purchase RPs

    Just advice for players who consider spending money on RPs

    I got an account blocked for no reasons and this is not the first time.
    However, I've got my account finial unlocked after arguing with GMs and GMs cannot provide anything illegal.

    I always keep away from RMT(real money trade), scamming actions, or using 3rd party cheating software. So I do not understand why GMs do this to me. It's really annoying. Actually, it's the fourth time. I feel insecure because I can't be sure whether my account will be unlocked or my account will be blocked again for no reason.

    Some issues need to be solved and players are still waiting for GMs answers.
    How's defending the DDOS going? How's the custom with ddi and odi going? How's duplication of withdrawing Blessed Pink Diamond going?

    Think twice, my friends, before spending your precious money.
    Or be prepared for the account being blocked suddenly.

    At least, I will stop putting my money.

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    same here, im my self got blocked account, because buying item's at Elim . after the investigation, GM say that item i got from buying is illegal, and removed the item. with out full compensation,.
    (they say see the record or history) but not all history/ record they can see at all the transaction.
    i asking, what item is illegal, who sell it, and when, GM never Provides information what so ever,
    and also, im buying at elim from many people. how can we know the item is ilegal or not? or where it come from?? when the price is all same player sell??

    like 1-2 days already, some one use cheat Kiosk, when we pull the cheap item,, all of our cegel GONE,, lmao.
    GM cannot explain anything here?? i really miss old GM, gunrock, and other.. liek 2-3 years ago..

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    There are many weakness in seal yes, but I think the developer was also at fault since if it's about the program or something like that, the dev team are the one in charge. So let's just hope after many people spend rps on balloon gck and grabbit the seal team will hire more competent programmer

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