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    Exclamation Help! my game crash when i enter candy village and my character is now stuck there!

    GM please help me, i've had an issue where i was going to candy village for the first time with my friend, but when i was about to teleport there the game crash instantly to desktop with no error warning. i've tried to log again to my character but it keeps crashing to desktop instantly. my other characters is fine because they're not in the candy village, but my main character is stuck there

    IGN: Catheraine (Berserker) lv 203
    Server: Duran

    also is there any fix so i can go to candy village? my client is up to date (ver 319) and i installed seal bod from official installer from the website. should i reinstall?

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    Hello ravaj!
    IMO :
    1. Reinstalling the game is the best sollution. (I prefer to delete the current Seal Online Blades of Destiny folder first.)
    2. Ask anyone (friend or family who also played the game) for pre-installed copy of Seal Online Blades of Destiny.
    3. Re-update the game from version 284 by the following steps :
    • Find a version.ini file in Seal Online Blades of Destiny installation folder then double click on it to open the file.
    • Replace everything inside it with :
    • Don't forget to save the changed.
    3. If the solutions above doesn't work for you, Submit a ticket to Playwithi Support to get more help.


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