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    only one client ?

    before the update this time , i was able to use up to Three clients
    at the same time , but afterwards iv only been ale to use only one client
    , im wondering if there could be something wrong with my client i use for
    playing the game or have you ynk done so we can use only one client and
    not Three at the same time on one computer?
    It was so smooth when i could use Three clients on one computer , cuz if i
    wanted to switch clothes or weapons from one character to Another all i had
    to do was making a window of my full screen and login with Another account
    and make the switch . so if its possilbe to only use one client instead of Three
    like Before , BAD action from your side .
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    Are you getting an error? If so, which one?

    Send in a support ticket with details.
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    Yup getting same problem, got an error, making ticket now..

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    never had that problem.

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