We bring another challenge for this Kids week activities! At this time, you will have to help us resolve a tricky puzzle!

Go into this link <>, resolve the puzzle inside the square area, generate the link at the button below, paste it on this form <>, answer the questions and win amazing rewards!

1. Resolve the Puzzle:
2. Answer the questions:

*NOTE: if you cannot see the puzzle properly, please refresh your browser with ctrl+F5.

We will have a raffle between those who answered the questions correctly and resolved the puzzle, we will have up to 5 winners:

Winners rewards:

🍬 Permanent desired costume
🍬 Gold Pouch of Blessing (3 Hours/Limited)
🍬 3 x Golden Chest Keys
🍬 10 x Kids Day Candy

Do not be sad if you do not win, we will have participation rewards for everyone!

Participation rewards:

🍬 Fishing EXP (4 Hours) (Untradeable)
🍬 Power-up Potion (1 hour)
🍬 5 x Grape Candy
🍬 5 x Kids Day Candy

You will have from 17th until 20th of May to fill the form!

Enjoy the event now!

Have fun!

Love Seal!
Seal B.o.D Team