Greetings Rohanians!

Today we bring the news!

Banned accounts

Unfortunately, more than 100 accounts have been found in relation with illegal activities within the game. The investigation is currently ongoing.
The accounts will be released once the investigation is done and through.
We remind you, once again, that we do not provide assistance for RMT and that the illegal items will be removed from the game without any consideration of any kind.
We remind you to be careful and do not buy items that does not seem legal.
Report the player and items to us BEFORE buying them so that we can evaluate the item and assure you or inform you if the items are legal or not.

Maintenance Compensation

Regarding the Emergency Maintenance we have had during last weekend, we will be sending the following rewards:

• 12x Torn Certificate of Battle
• 1x Badge of Victory
• 10x Power Badge
• 2x Growth Seals
• 2x Lucky Stones

The compensation will be sent during the Maintenance on May 21.
It will only be for accounts with a character with a character 90+ and if you logged in during May 1 to May 14.

Discord Channel

Our Official Discord Channel is now available for you to join! We have big plans for you there.

Currently, we have an event involving the Discord. Visit our Forum post to know more about its functions and rules.
Remember that this is not another support platform. It is Event and Feedback only.

Visit the post here:

Latest News!

We have a Sale going on! Don't forget to buy your things with discount! Check our post here:

In addition, the Spring Break Costumes will be removed on Monday 20. Do not forget to buy them before they go away!
Also, remember that this Monday 20 ends the Challenger Mode! Get in the game, play your five hours and gather the last chance to get the Unbreakable title! More info here:

More Power! Love Rohan!

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