Greetings rohanians!

This weekend we will have a Weekend Sale.
From this May 17th at 12:00 PDT until May 20th the following items will be on Sale:
  • Radiant Ancient Enhancement Stone - 40% OFF
  • Radiant Enhancement Stone - 40% OFF
  • Armor Reinforcement Stone VI - 30% OFF
  • Armor Reinforcement Stone V - 30% OFF
  • Walter's Sealed Medal - 50% OFF
  • Adventure Talisman Alpha - 50% OFF
  • Adventure Talisman Beta - 50% OFF
We also remind you that we have the following active boost:

⭐ Exp.: 200%
⭐ Drop: 200%
⭐ Forging: 50% increased success rate
⭐ Refinement: 50% increased success rate
⭐ Reinforcement (Crafted item): 50% increased success rate
⭐ Enhancement (Forged item): 50% increased success rate

⚠Boosts do not work with Recycle System.
⚠Boosts are based on the success rate. In NPCs, the boost is directly applied.

Additionally we will have a mini-event!
All accounts that make purchases over 1000 RPs or 2000 E-cash will take 3 Challenger Box as an extra reward.

The rewards will be sent after event ends.

Have fun on this great weekend.

More power!

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-