Hello Shiltzians!

This is the first Seal News, a News post where you can read the novelties and upcoming features every month!
Here we will inform you about all the equip plans, development process and last news in the world of Shiltz.
Here you can keep and eye on everything that is about to come to the game and donít miss a thing!

So here we go with the first 📰Seal News Ė May 2019📰:

Upcoming this May:

1 - Summer Events: Summer Season is around the corner, to celebrate, our first activity will be a new hunting event will be available from May 21th with super rewards!
It will be your chance to collect many Dragon Eyes in order to craft your Dragon Wing!

Besides that, many other amazing rewards!

2- Donít forget!
This weekend are the last days for you to participate on Heroes Raid Event since it will end on May 21th! Letís focus on hunting on the Dungeons this weekend heroes!

3- For being the last weekend that Heroes Raid Event will be available, servers will have a weekend boost of 100% EXP and 100% Drop!

4- Still need more characters?
From May 21th, Level jump event 2 will be available! This event is definitely the best way to catch up or have a new character for new adventures!

Upcoming next few months:

1 Ė PK Channel is coming for Arus and Duran Server!

We are still working on the details for the new channel, but it is definitely good news for everyone that has been expecting some PK improved experience on Seal B.o.D.

We are already planning some exclusive GM PK events and features that can only be found in those channels.

Prepare your blades, and magic artifact heroes! In this channel everyone will fight for the glory, you donít want to be left behind!

2 Ė Pet growing system improvement and reorganization: We still canít give you
further details about this feature, but we are so exciting about it that we need to at least let you know about its development! Itís coming very soon for Seal B.O.D and will definitely improve your relation with your pet! We will give more info as soon as we finish the details!

3 Ė Class Balance: Yes, we know! Everyone is expecting this to come for so long, even we do!

For this year we will execute a general class balance plan that will be divided by job through the year.

We are working on skill reorganizations, balance and redesigning some non-used ones.

The first classes that will receive the balance will be: Priest and Wizard.

The date announcement will be done soon! For now, letís enjoy the upcoming content and be ready for some changes!

What do you think about the new features Shiltizen? Are you excited?

Donít forget, we will launch a Seal News post every month to keep you on track about our progress and give more accurate info.

Next month we will inform you about the progress of mentioned upcoming content and also give you more news about the other updates planned for this year! Canít wait for it!

Enjoy the game and love Seal! ^^

Seal BoD Team.